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The Cast

"One hell of a good time!"


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Let's talk about your event.

How can we help you make it a hit, for EVERYONE!

Firecracker Chloe Castledine, along with her team bring an infectious energy that

you can't help but love, be entertained by...and dance to.

You can't beat experience, and The Cast has loads of it. 

It's not only about entertaining, but engaging with your people, whatever the event.

With ten years under their belt, The Cast knows how to bring it and most importantly: connect.

For a smooth ride - put your trust in their experience, intuition and professionalism both on and off-stage. 

Just like their repertoire of songs, their line-up is versatile and can cater to many different events.

They've got acoustic duo's, trios, background jazz, 5-piece club-pop, full party band, background dancers, string players, floorshows...heck, they can throw in aerialists if you want! They can pretty much put on a show to cater for whatever you need, making it the best event, jam packed with all of the #vibes and post party hashtags.

From here it's easy:

- check below for more information on what we can do

- contact us and let us know how we can cater to your event

- we can go from there...

Chloe and her team are chilled, easy to deal with and

have the experience to guide you through how it can all look. 

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